One Year with Jenna and what I have learned

Jenna loving her birthday cake

Jenna loving her birthday cake


This week we celebrated Jenna Schnipper’s first birthday.  It seems a little surreal to be doing this, because time has flown by.  God blessed us with this little girl and in this year I think I have learned more about God, life, and myself then any other time.  Here are some of the things I have learned.

  • Patience: Not just patience with Jenna, but patience with others.  I use to be so impatient with people if I was in a hurry and I felt as if they were not moving as fast as I thought they should.  Being with Jenna has taught me to move slower and just enjoy life.
  • Enjoy the Simple things: One of my greatest joys is taking Jenna to the store.  I put her in the cart and you never know how she will be sitting or who she will attract by the end of the trip.  We go to the store just to walk around and enjoy time together.  The great joy is not in WHAT we are doing, but WHO I am doing it with.
  • Start routines early: Peggy and I have talked about routines and traditions we would like to have as a family.  Those have to be started now.  No Jenna will not understand what or why we are doing some things for the next 2 or 3 years but she will learn that this is something very important.
  • Creative Quality Time: With the nature of my schedule I have to be creative when it comes to getting to spend time with Jenna.  During the school year I am at ball games, plays, or meetings many evenings a week.  What I have found is that Jenna can go along on all of those.  Jenna enjoys volleyball and basketball.  I even took her with me to the last business meeting and walked around the back of the sanctuary while she crawled.  I not only want to be part of her life, I want her to be part of my life. 

These are just a few of the things I have learned in the last year.

Jenna and her new rocker

Jenna and her new rocker


The Random Strangers I Trust

As I prepare a sermon on Isaiah 30 and the theme of trusting God, this got me thinking about the complete strangers I trust.  People like

  • The Used Salespeople on I have never met any of these people yet I continue to buy stuff from them.  What makes it worse is that I judge them by their seller rating, which is written by complete strangers.  I just assume they will send me what they say they will
  • The Drive-thru Workers: It is a rare thing for me to check the bag before I pull away from the window. 
  • Doctors: Not once have I looked at their diplomas, asked what their GPA was in Medical School, or even ask if they went to Medical School
  • Every Driver in Town: I love to ride my bike places and I wear a helmet.  I tell people that I wear a helmet not because I am afraid I am going to fall off my bike, I am really afraid I might get hit.  Just ride your bike through my town and you will feel the same.

Just a few that I have thought of, if you have any funny ones please let me know.

The Perplexity of “Hello”

Tuesday I went for a walk with my daughter at a park that has a 1.5 mile paved loop.  At the beginning of the walk I passed someone that said, “hello” to which I responded “hi.”  As I was getting close to the end of my walk I passed the same person, we greeted each other with that akward grin/smile that screamed, “do I say hi again or not.”  I said “hello,” but it had the feeling as if I was saying “hello” to someone I did not know, yet this person and I had previously shared a “hello” already.  What was I to do?  Say nothing?  Ask how are you?  Question her political leanings?  This situation caused me to wonder about other situations when I am unsure if a hello is necessary or not. Continue reading