Finding the RIGHT people to listen to

There is a great story in a book of the Bible called 1 Kings that deals with listening.  Solomon, David’s son, has turned from God and has been told that the kingdom would be ripped from the family except for Judah.  Then God tells a man named Jeroboam that he will become the king of the majority of the tribes.  All of this takes place without Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, knowing about it. 

Rehoboam is placed as king over all the tribes, and Jeroboam and others go to meet the new king.  They let him know that Solomon, his father, was to hard on them and worked them to much, and if Rehoboam lightens the load then they will all willing serve him.  Rehoboam being a good king seeks advice.  The counsel of the old men to Rehoboam was to lighten the load.  They agreed that Solomon was to hard, and that the nation will surely follow Rehoboam if he lightens the load.  Rehoboam then asks his friends, the young men, what to do.  Their counsel is to make the workload harder not easier.  Rehoboam listens to the young men and much of Israel revolts against the king.

At this point those tribes make Jeroboam their king, just as God said.  But Jeroboam makes a huge mistake by then building idols for his tribes to worship.  Let me share with you several observations about listening from this story. Continue reading