The Value of One

In Acts 8, there are two stories in which Phillip preaches the Gospel.  In 8:4-25, Phillip “went to the city of Samaria and told the people there about the Messiah.”  Phillip was well-received and the people of the city listened to his message.  We have no idea how many in the city came to know Christ in a personal way, but in the story it appears to be more than a few.  After the story of Phillip in Samaria is concluded, he is told to head south down a road.  He comes along a caravan traveling and he hears a man reading from book of Isaiah.  Phillip has a conversation with this man, and from the story we gather that this man accepts Christ.

In this chapter of Acts we see the value of one.  Phillip is coming off an incredible movement of God in the city of Samaria.  He is then told by an angel to head south.  Is he to head south to another large city?  Is he going to preach to the masses again?  We don’t know if all he is told is to head south or is he given more details.  What we do know is on his journey he comes along one person who is receptive to hearing the Gospel, and Phillip is willing to share.  It is not a large crowd.  It is not noticeable.  It is not going to gain him popularity.

How many people did you come into contact today that needed to hear the Gospel?  How many of them would have been receptive?  Now, I am not saying that every random person you come into contact with you should also share the Gospel with.  But how many individuals do you overlook or miss an opportunity to share with?  How many waitresses, bank tellers, gas station attendants, or grocery store clerks open the door to the Gospel and you never step through?  How many neighbors do you have who don’t realize that you have the message of life, hope, and joy?  What if you started praying for one spiritual encounter a day or even a week?  Could you imagine if each one of us had a spiritual encounter with one person each week, what God might do?  What if this week you slowed down enough to walk into places that you normally rushed through just to see if God might do something?


DISCLAIMER: Maybe this is just for me.  Maybe I’m the only one that is too “busy” for God to use in the life of a random individual or someone I see on a semi-regular basis at a store or gas station.  That might be true, but I bet I am not the only one.