Change Part. 1 Why we don’t like it.

Until about a year and a half ago my wife and I watched TV on a television set she owned in middle school.  The TV was extremely small, only about half the remote buttons worked, and the back of the remote was lost forcing us to use duct tape to hold the circuit on.  For two Christmas’s we promised each other that we would not buy each other gifts so that we could spend the money on a new TV never going out to buy one.  You ask why?

Well we had the time, opportunity, and money but we just didn’t.  Maybe it is that we truly loved that old TV so much that we could not part with it even though it had out lived its worth.  Now that old TV had not failed my wife when she first bought it but years later it was starting to show its age.  Maybe we were scared, because with a new TV comes the aggravation of setting up(all those wires) and learning how to use a new remote control(all those buttons). Continue reading