Transformation then Communication

Why don’t more people ask me my opinion on preservation of walruses?  I like walruses, they live in water right?  Don’t they have whiskers like kittens?  I actually don’t really care about walruses, they are just not something I am passionate about.  Now if you ask me about my family, student ministry, the Royals(semi-fair weather fan), or disc golf I will talk about those.  I have an opinion about those, some of those things I am very passionate about.

What are you passionate about?  What gets you excited?  The things we are passionate about are the things we allow to affect our schedules, our money, our daily lives.  If someone followed you around for a week or a month they would figure out what you are passionate about.  They would see what you give your time and effort to.  Would one of those things be God’s Word?

Our church’s value on Communicating God’s Word ends this way, “God’s truth is the key to transformed lives that reflect the greatness of Christ.”  If that is true, if we believe that God wants to do that in our lives through His word then it goes without saying that we have to be reading the Bible.  But reading it doesn’t mean instant transformation, you can read something and it not have an effect on you.

I have a how to draw book on my shelf.  I have looked at it.  I have read some of it.  I can’t draw though.  I can’t draw because I haven’t put into practice what I have read.  Many do this with the Bible.  It doesn’t matter that I can quote Galatians 5:22-23 “But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  There is no law against these things!” if I don’t live those things out.  That’s why our value doesn’t just simply say something about reading God’s Word.  It doesn’t matter how many verses I know about love, patience, and kindness, if I am not actively allowing God to transform me into a more loving, patient, and kind person.

If you are going to value, “Communicating God’s Word” the first thing you must do is let God’s Word be in the process of transforming you.  And the only way God’s Word is going to do that in your life, is if you are actually reading it.  Now if you have never read the Bible before or starting to read it again let me give you some tips.

  1. Don’t Start at the Beginning: If you are going to start reading the Bible don’t pressure yourself into reading from front to back.  Read John, Matthew, and Ephesians first.
  1. Don’t Go at it Alone: As you are reading find someone that will answer questions that you might have about what you are reading.  As you read through a book write down thoughts, questions, or verses that you don’t understand and talk to someone about it.  One of the staff would be more than happy to visit with you and answer questions about what you are reading.
  1. Get a Translation You Understand: There are lots of translations and most people have their favorite one.  Make sure you pick a translation that you can understand. If you want a suggestion I would recommend grabbing a New Living Translation(NLT), New International Version(NIV), or a Holman Christian Standard Version(HCSB).
  1. Pray: If the Bible is God’s Word, then God is going to have to be involved if the Word is going to transform your life.  Pray that God would help you understand what the Bible says and means for your life.

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